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Sinosecu Technology Corporation has been dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in security field for several years. With the mission to become the best provider of identity authentication, Sinosecu developed various of different products combining the core of OCR technology  with some other cutting-edge technology such as deep learning.


Sinosecu full-page passport reader named national id scanner is a document information collection device with rich functions and novel design. It has industry-leading image processing, OCR text recognition, artificial intelligence, radio frequency identification (RFID), etc. Algorithm technology can quickly and accurately identify more than 80 types of document information and national ID cards information (in line with ICAO 9303 standard travel documents and Non-ICAO 9303 standard travel documents), support automatic sensor triggering of documents, automatic classification, and simple operation.

passport reader for KR
passport reader for EFR
passport reader for APR
passport reader for EBR